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It’s raining really hard right now and my boyfriend and I have been stuck in this little treehouse playing board games for the past hour and he just told me the sweetest thing ever. He told me that the rain reminded him of this day, way back before we started dating, when I showed up at his front door dripping wet in my yellow raincoat and he took me up to his room and helped me dry off and asked me why I didn’t wait until the storm passed before walking over and I told him that I just couldn’t wait because I had a bunch of books in my backpack that I was dying to show him. He said that was the day when he realized he liked me! He was like “I swear when I opened the door and saw you in that little yellow raincoat with your hair all wet my heart just about burst into a million pieces” and oh my gosh that is so hilarious and endearing to me. I love it. It’s so peculiar because now that I think of it, it was raining on the day that I realized I liked him, too. It was during a school fire drill actually. I just remember sitting on the sidewalk watching the classes file out of the building, and then his class came out. He was with some friends, and they were all laughing because he’d stepped in a giant puddle and his entire shoe was soaking wet. He was laughing, too. He looked so happy about something so unfortunate. I didn’t understand it at all, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. Then a girl sat next to me and asked me what I was staring at, and I suddenly felt really flustered and, uh.. hopeful. But I didn’t know why. I didn’t even know his name back then. Looking at him shouldn’t have affected me like that. But it did. But anyway, we’re still stuck in this treehouse and I just lost our game of chess. My boyfriend’s asleep on my lap now and when it stops raining I’m going to wake him up so we can go get coffee at the restaurant down the street. I’m just so happy. It’s been such a nice day.

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  • aww.. god bless y'all. young love is soo sweet

  • You really should write a book! That style is really popular, teen fiction or romance I think it's called. And it would be even more welcomed by audiences because it's based on real feelings.

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