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I HATE my girlfriends mom. Like alot. I the beginning we got along, she was cool and all but now.. god I can't stand her. My gf is 22 and her mom still tells her what to do with her life even though they live far away. She also keeps telling her to move to where she stays and move back home with her. Whenever i visit with her, her mother tells me what I must do with MY life and controls me like im her child. She also always tells my gf, infront of me, that she should explore the world and go meet other guys. Like what the fuck! It was fine in the beginning but now it fucks me off. Worst part is my gf tells her to stop and she NEVER does! Can't take much more of it!!

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  • Sounds like you need a better relationship with somebody else.

  • All the fun of a mother-in-law and you're not even married!

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