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I feel like relationships aren't my thing, i don't hate it but i hate this whole idea of being committed, not the part where you have to be loyal mind you, it actually takes nothing to be loyal but it takes a lot to have to talk to them every single day or meet up with them every single day or facetime or call or be with them every single day. I don't even do that to my best friends so how the hell am i supposed to do that in a relationship. It just sounds like a lot of work. Sometimes (most times) i like to be left alone so thinking about having a boyfriend is out of the question. Idk maybe it's just me, maybe i haven't found 'the one' yet, not going to lie and say im looking forward to it though, but i won't be mad if they could change my commitment issues.

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  • I totally feel the same way! Relationships have always been scary for me, and I've never really understood how people don't get sick of each other. But I guess it's like another commenter said, we live with our families for a while and still have a life of our own, which means that doesn't have to change in a relationship. I just know I can't see it that way naturally cause I've never actually experienced a legit relationship.

  • Time will come, or not. I've been disgusted with idea myself because I just wanted to be free and go and stand wherever I want to without any restrictions. It's only once I found someone equally non demanding I wanted to give it a try again. Took a while but its worth ut if you find someone who equally dislikes being restricted in any way.

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