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I see no reason a sane man would marry in this country anymore. So I am to bet you half my earnings forever, that you will love me forever, and if I lose, I lose it all? If I win I get nothing. Meanwhile women are more than happy to shack up with me where I retain all the cards and could kick them out at a moment's notice if I get bored, angry, or just find someone better. Why would I do that? Why would anyone?

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  • ,,If I win I get nothing'' - here we have the reason why you shouldn't get married. It's not because marriage or women suck, it's because you have no idea what love is.

  • You'd kick someone out because you got angry at them? Red fucking flag. Gtfo you entitled shit. I hope you never marry either if you don't fix this shit attitude. Women are not objects to be used and discarded at your leisure. They're partners for us to love and cherish and communicate with.

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