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I have really bad self esteem issues, and it's been like this ever sense I was young. I can never see myself as good enough for anyone or anything. I always put myself down for everything. "Im not cute enough for anyone" "Im not skinny enough" "I'm not smart enough" "So and so is better than me" "I wish I looked like that" "Who would pick me when theres so many more better looking/smarter/wiser/deserving people". It's ALWAYS something. I don't hate myself, at least I never thought I did . . But the way I treat myself has started to make me think I do. I wish for once I was happy and accepting of who I am.

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  • I feel like i wrote this

  • That is a lot of self hate. You need to stop letting yourself think those things and make those comparisons. Imagine you're a flower, and you're looking at the stars and thinking 'they're so pretty. why can't I look like them?' But a rainbow might look at you and think 'that flower is so pretty. why can't I look like that?' All of these things are beautiful, but none of them look alike. You see what I'm getting at? You might not be your type, but remember that you might be someone else's type. So what if you're not skinny or conventionally cute or a genius? Someone out there is looking for a unique girl who's not a twig and knows how to have fun without stressing over the logistics. That's what I see in the traits you listed. Find positives to counter your negatives. And if you can't, consider going to therapy to get help from someone who can.

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