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So I met this girl in the middle of last semester and I kind of knew that she was into me at the time, the thing was that I thought I would never see her again because we are studying completely different courses. But ever since I met her, I saw her a lot of times and the thing is that she was really cool and I want to talk to her again but every time I see her I am with my friends and it is not option to ditch my friends just to talk to her and I know she still remembers me because holds a gaze and smiles at me every time she sees me, I just wish I can have another opportunity to talk to her again

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  • Next time you posts this the girl will probably be married with 3 kids. Just let go of that damn topic, dude.

  • Dude... I remember when you confessed this the first time. It's been months and I see you didn't take anyone's advice, so I'm gonna tell you again: TALK TO HER, YOUR FRIENDS BE DAMNED. If your so-called 'friends' get butthurt about you talking to other people, they were never really your friends to begin with. You can see your friends later, you only see her a few times a week, if that. If you like her, grow a pair and tell your friends to fuck off if they have a problem with you not spending 100% of your time with them. They are not the center of the universe. And if they're good friends, they'll understand and even encourage you to go talk to the girl you like. Just fucking talk to her, dude

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