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Sometimes I think that I might be actually mentally handicapped. Only slightly, but still. I have unnaturally low social skills. I am unable to hold eye contact. I almost get panic attacks when someone, even family, touches me. In stressful situations my mind shuts down so much that I can't even solve 2+4, and I mean that literally, with zero exaggeration. Even in situations without stress I often think or do so incredibly stupid things that I wonder if I've been dropped on the head as a baby. I am clumsy, but not in a cute way; I sometimes run into street lamps because I somehow don't manage to coordinate my feet and eyes. If I don't look at my feet while walking, I feel like walking with my eyes closed; I've been told that people actually look straight ahead while walking...? I could name more examples, but I am probably already boring you, so... in conclusion, it's all very small things, and nobody ever noticed because I do well in life, I have a degree and people see me as simply shy and clumsy. And I don't know if I'm paranoid or if something's wrong with me.

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  • You might just have anxiety tbh. Or a form of ADHD or autism. Not that there's anything wrong with that :) Maybe you could get tested though? I'm very similar to you and I've been wanting to get tested for a while but my mom would never let me. But I'm grown now so she can't really stop me

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