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For me, fake breasts (if obviously fake) are as unattractive as a hairy men's chest. I don't find them sexy at all and I don't understand why so many men apparently do, why almost every porn star or Playboy cover girl has them. I don't say this to shame girls who have fake tits; they probably couldn't care less whether I personally like their breasts. It's just a mystery to me how anyone can.

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  • Idk, same reason why faces misshapen through plastic surgery and altered belong recognition with makeup are considered 'beautiful'. There have been several times that one of my group chats or some of my friends will gush over a picture of a 'gorgeous' woman, and I'm just sitting there thinking 'she's not... really... pretty.' On the flip side though, I kinda dig dudes with hairy chests. Body hair is pretty sweet 👌🏻 as long as it's maintained LOL there's a limit

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