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I grew up in the US and I hated it there. It's so hard to make friends.. for introverts... I'm always lonely and depressed and life is very demanding. When I moved in the Philippines, it was easy to connect with people "in person". Yeah the country can be unsafe, and can be damn humid but I love the people here. The people that I met somehow cured my depression. Yeah bad health care as well but I love it here! I love the food, the culture, events, and I can live by the limitations of that from the first world country. I dont really care what my parents think, I live my Filipino heritage and their social connection. Something considered awkward when I was in the US.

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  • Philippines is great if you understand the people. Better since Duterte came along. More infrastructure and you can walk at night in Davao. Also Penong's is the best restaurant ever.

  • If it mmakes you happy, then it’s the right thing for you. Screw what everyone else says

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