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Yesterday I had a poop so big it wouldn't flush. I flushed twice and it just wouldn't go down. I probably could blame the low flow toilets, but that was honestly the King Kong of turds. One of those where my belly hurt so much before and instantly felt better. The janitor came in right after I left. I'm sorry Willy, I didn't know what to do. But I went back later and the out of order sign wasn't on the stall so it must've went down somehow. There were a couple of other girls who left the bathroom at the same time as me so hopefully he doesn't know which one of us left that surprise.

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  • omg 😭 reminds me of the reddit thread about the poop knife. Long story short, everyone in this family shits bricks so they keep a rusty knife in the bathroom to cut the turds with. And the kid is confused when he goes to someone else's house and they don't have a poop knife. It's a hilarious thread.

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