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I love my baby I really do, but he is just a handfull sometimes and then tonight I have leterally tried to get him to go back to sleep since 11 and its now 230 am and im too the point of crying. Hes crying cause hes tried. Im crying cause I'm tried and knowing hes tried but hes fighting so hes mad and being pregnant agian all this stress right now is making my stomach ache so bad. I do have the babys father in my life and living with me but hes also an ass when you wake him up from sleeping and his pissy attitude is the last thing I need right now. Not saying i'm innocence in anyway cause I obviously get fustrated too. Its hard to be a mom and now I am going to have two which is twice the trouble...Im so jealous of mothers who just have all the patience in the world...I just feel like Im not doing a good enough job now so I dont expect me to be better with another. Im just worried I'll make it worse and that they will be better off without me.

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  • Cry if you need too, let it all out. Trust me i haven't heard of a mother with a perfect baby, what's important is that hes healthy. You're doing a great job and remember it's not always going to be this though. Hang in there

  • Wake his ass up. People aren't bears, men aren't supposed to knock you up and leave to let you raise the kids. He's a father, he needs to act like it. Especially since you're pregnant, you need to get some rest too. You're the one growing another human inside you, not him. That said, you're not a bad mom. Every parent has these thoughts and contemplates whether they should have had kids or whether they should stay. Whether or not you're a good parent depends on if you actually stay or go. You're not doing a bad job. There will always be bad days. But you learn as you go. You got this. You and your kids will be just fine :)

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