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So if a girl like a guy, confesses her crush to him, and he gently rejects her, but says he really appreciates her as a friend (he's sincere about it) Then he meets someone, falls in love, tells the world and all his friends how happy he is, this girl tells him: Oh she might be not right for you, and she'll make you change your lifestyle. He ofcourse ignores her feeble attempts, proposes to the woman he loves, everyone is congratulating him. She sends him an email trying to tell him h ed made a big mistake, tries to make his fiancee sound bad for him etc He decides this friendship isn't worth the drama and stops talking to her. Calling him and sobbing about it should be her instead. Years passed, he's happily married, he once sent a group "happy new year " message to everyone in his friends list. That girl immediately thinks it's a sign for her to weasel back in his life. Now she's sending him texts and losing her shit because he's not answering them. What do you think about this girl? A thot? Or what? Also His wife doesn't care for trashy stereotypical "leave my husband alone" kind of confrontations and doesn't consider her as a threat at all.

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  • Such a girl be crazy. Honestly, there is an odd sub-section of girls with issues who like you MORE after you reject them. This girl is the precursor to a bad episode of Dateline.

  • if he can tell his best friend about all of this, but he cant simply delete her on his contact, facebook etc; then hes obviously enjoying the attention he is getting. its really not that hard to delete someone out of there life. anyways, i hope you deleted her for him. and may i ask, are you a girl?😂

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