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I need advices. So my father is cheating on my mother. I know it is their problem and I shouldn't meddle. But. But this slut just sent my youngest sister hurtful words and telling her she is a thick face for even messaging our father using our dad's phone. MY MOM AND DAD STILL LIVES TOGETHER WITH OUR SIBLINGS, not living with the slut or not because my dad has a new family. So my youngest sister is hurt and crying, I know it isn't our dad since the style of text/format is different. I am trying to let it go and still not meddle. Then this slut would stop our dad giving school fees. Money isn't a problem at all but now whenever there's school fees to pay, the slut would non-stop text my dad. (I can say that because no one texts my dad multiple times and my dad doesn't look at his phone multiple times and if it's for work, they always call or message once. Our father used to asked us to check his phones for any update from work if he is doing something). Nowadays, our father won't even give them for meals (it isn't like that before the slut came). So what do I do now?

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  • Tell on him wtf! Don't let him get away with it. It's not 'their business' when it starts affecting the rest of the family. He has no right to put you all through that.

  • If she's messaging your sister, now it's a family problem. Tell your dad about it and say if she treats your daughter this way is she really worth it? I don't see things getting better for you guys.

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