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My best friend and I haven't been seeing each other as much since we both started working a few years ago. So when he told me I am 'going a little nuts' dating wise it confused me. I haven't dated for a full on year with the exception of 1 person who didn't go further than three dates and that's it. Him being my best friend, I took the comment to heart and asked him what made him say that a few days after he said it, it kind of bothered me. His response was very offended, why did I make a fuss about it? Well I think as a friend I can tell you I don't quite appreciate a comment, especially if it's just based of 'a feeling' I think I can ask them to word it better next time. They got highly offended by this. So I've noticed them distancing in a group chat and when I asked him something in private I got some corporate response that he doesn't entrust certain information with an 'associate' and that 'we barely know each other' and he's interested to 'have an attempt at reconnection, perhaps somewhere in the future'. I may be crazy but if I'm mad at a friend It doesn't make them not my friend anymore, and if I want distance I just tell them "hey man I've been hurt, this will need some time. But I still care about you, just give me some room", or quietly take that room if i can. I feel hurt that someone whom I've dragged away from the litteraly train tracks could talk to me like that and just ditch me because of an argument. And then I find out he has been talking to people of our group behind my back while accusing me of making drama while I keep it to myself. Others say he'll come back to say sorry as he doesn't really want to lose me, but I don't think I can accept it. I lay here crying in my bed, and I don't cry that easily.

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  • He doesn't sound like a good friend, but also, you didn't handle the argument well. You didn't have to be rude and ask him to word it better. You attacked him for being vulnerable. It's no wonder he's hurt. But it's wrong of him to act this way.

  • You guys sound childish, I'm sorry, but you do. You over reacted over something you could've approached better at the moment it happened, not after a period. Just say: going nuts? What do you mean? And they would reply by what they meant. As simple as that. But letting it brew and overthinking about it and make it sound like he insulted your ancestors, that was weird. His reaction is also as bad and as childish.

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