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Long story short we'd been friends for a years, not best friends but friends none the less. I moved away, she didn't make the effort to really keep in touch so I stopped, we basically haven't spoken in over half a year. A few weeks ago whilst going through my FB I noticed that she'd removed me as a sister, don't even know when she did that. I should have asked her about it then but I decided to leave it. This morning I was going to message her on Whataspp, saw that it looks like she's blocked me, no profile pic or last seen showing anymore. I'm actually depressed over this because we had a laugh when we did see each other and had never fallen out. I don't know why they would do this. Can anyone relate? Sorry for the lame blogpost but this has actually depressed me, I basically have no friends anymore.

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  • Long distance friendship isn't for everyone. And she removed you as a sister because she grew out of the Facebook stuff and found it childish. She also got a new number and either completely forgot that she has to tell people or she figured since you haven't talked in ages, it would be weird and that since you never reach out to her anymore, you wouldn't want to know. -no, of course I can't look into her head and know that this is what went through it, but I myself have been exactly that friend countless times and almost never stopped talking to someone or deleted them because I didn't like them anymore. And if one of those friends contacted me again because they miss me, I'd be very happy and glad to arrange a date to find out whether we could reconnect. So consider trying that with her. If she doesn't want to, then that's sad for you, but without trying it's also sad so why not give it a shot?

  • If you guys weren't best friends to begin with, idk why you were even listed as sisters on fb, so I wouldn't be too hurt by that; I recently cleaned up my own fb a bit and removed a lot of former friends from my 'family' tags. They're not family. As for being blocked, she may have just deleted her account, not actually blocked you. But if she didn't care enough to talk to you anyway, don't waste your time crying over her. Friends come and go, and that sucks, but it's a fact of life; most friends aren't going to stick around forever. People drift apart. Sometimes you just need to let it happen. Let her go. You can make new friends, it is possible, even for people like me with depression and social anxiety.

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