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Im born a girl and love it. But sometimes I get accussed as a guy or trans. I have nothing against LGBT but I hate being assumed not straight at all... Yeah I have a strong male facial features and my voice is deep when Im sick and that my torso is pretty muscular (im weightlift and swim) but I hate that people assume Im a "sir". Although mostly I just let it go because I know deep inside, Im a woman with xx chromosome, who gets her period etc.. But a frequent assumption pisses me off. And it even pissed me today. I ask this cashier guy if his sir thing is a gender neutral thing. He said, "uhh.. aren't yoy born male? LIKE YOU ARE A GUY DRESSED IN A FEMALE CLOTHING!" I was mad because if I was really a trans that would hurt and he just sounded like a dick!!! But I was just more mad in general because he assumed im a dude... I wasnt hysterical but it didnt end well for him.. and I got my stuff for free.... I didnt take a video because unfortunately my phone died. But if that happened again i swear... 😑😑😑

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  • I think muscular girls are hot. A nice long hair style might help. I used to have similar problems as a dude with long blonde hair and a smooth face. When I met my in-laws for the first time, their nickname for me was Barbie.

  • I'm so sorry my dude, I know exactly how you feel. If I go out in public with my hair tied back, people call me sir. That, or they assume I'm lesbian. Never been asked if I was trans, they just go straight for 'male' or 'lesbian'.

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