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I hate when people misuse the word triggered or trigger ... it’s not as commonly misused in 2019 but it is a real word with a true meaning for anyone with any type of mental health issues not just a word for stupid trends

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  • To be honest, I think it's overall a good thing that this trend of faking mental illness or making fun of it existed/exists. That trend itself is bad, but it made it a topic of conversation, it gave people with actual illness a chance to be heard and made people who didn't have it listen. At least in my surroundings, people now take mental illness seriously, something that was absolutely not the case just a few years ago. I'm not saying we should lean back and accept when people use words like trigger and OCD as buzzwords, but don't hate that they do, see it as a chance to speak up and educate them over what they actually mean. (Like you did with your confession. Posts of this sort were the reason why I started to Google what a trigger even is)

  • Same.

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