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I decided to finally see a therapist, it's definitely going to break the bank. But I feel lonely and anxious and I have no friends or family I can trust with my problems. And my only friend is my husband, and he can't understand what I'm feeling no matter how much I tried. I'm not going to tell him I'm going to see a therapist though.

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  • Just tell him. "I am seeing a therapist to work out some issues I'm struggling with" is fair. If he objects, you shouldn't be in a marriage with him.

  • If you can't talk to your husband about getting the help you need... he shouldn't be your husband :/ That's the exact reason I broke up with my ex boyfriend. He didn't understand my mental illness, and didn't even try. He mocked me for considering getting help and told me it was a stupid waste of time and money. You don't deserve that negativity in your life. That said, I'm so happy you're able to get help. I hope it works for you. And keep in mind if this is your first therapist, you might have to try a few different ones before you find one who can actually help you. Don't get discouraged.

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