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Yesterday was my class picture day. We happy, laughing, pose, taking selfies and else. And then time to change the outfit. We change the outfit and waiting for the photographer to prepare the set, while we checking each other appearances to make sure it will be perfect. Then my crush apporach me, asking me to fix his tie. The problem is me and him are not talking for like a whole year and he was dating my friends that knowing my feeling for him—they broke up already. I no longer have feelings for him. But OH MY GOD, me fixing his tie is the first time I fall for him—also my way to flirt with him—and it started to flooding me with those memories all over again. I'm so nervous, sweating, my hands are shaking. Good thing I didn't just hug hin right there. Fyi, everybody in class knkw about that and they teasing me again for that -.-

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  • edit : the first—also last_time I fix his tie is like 3 and half years ago! oh my god

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