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Why does everyone think that if you care for someone, you HAVE to be dating? Does nobody know what platonic care is anymore? This is why I can't care about others because people attempt to shove me into a relationship when they sense even the slightest ounce of remote appreciation for someone from me.

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  • People can't 'shove you into a relationship' though. That's entirely up to the people involved. Don't let the opinions of others stop you from caring about people, that's stupid.

  • It's just that people are excited about the whole people being into each other. It's like a series where two characters are clearly about to be together, but they're too dumb to make it work so you yell at the TV that they should make a move already - only in real life. Life can be boring, and people having crushes and witnessing them coming together often is the most exciting thing happening all week. People don't forget what platonic love is, platonic love just isn't interacting to watch so they desperately try to read some gossip worthy story into it

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