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I can understand a mistake like when you're tired or busy or just doing it to be funny, but if you constantly misspell your words and neglect basic grammar just to be downright lazy, don't be surprised when I don't want to text you. You make me lose brain cells with every text you send and I know for a fact that English is your first and only language, so don't even try me with those excuses. If you really don't like texting, then call me. You act like you're not using a phone right now. I don't care if it takes longer to make an actual, readable sentence; I'll gladly wait an extra minute for you to make sense. You'll spend the same time trying to explain what you just said with your busted words anyway.

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  • My wife once dumped a guy in high school more misspelling his texts. She figured if he can't speak simple English that well it's best not to risk having kids with him. His loss is my gain.

  • you used ; wrong

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