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Im 29 yeas old.. this uear ill be 30.. life is going to fast :/.. someday ill wake up like a 70 yeas old grandma.. this make me sad.. i wanna live.. i do not wanna die..

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  • A therapist asked a patient "if I'd ask you to take this concrete block down the road for a mile, how long would it take?" So after 10 minutes he just said "it would take hours to carry it over a mile", to which the therapist asked "who asked you to carry it by yourself? You could just put it in the car and take it there". Don't focus on the problem, think of solutions. You're not 70 yet. Live your life.

  • It will take you longer to be 70 than it took you from birth to now. If you're worried about time feeling too fast, fill your days with new experiences as much as you can; the reason why time passes slower when we're kids is because everything we experience is new, the learning process slows time down for us. As adults we're in a trot, which makes time flee like crazy. So do new things. Try a different place to eat at every week. Take a different way home than the day before every day. Meet friends more often.

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