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One thing I find very rude is when people put themselves down about something that they're clearly better at than you, in front of you. A few examples to illustrate what I mean: someone who says how bad they did at the exam for only getting a B after you told them that you got a C. A girl who could work as a Victoria's Secret model complaining about how fat she's gotten over Christmas while her insecure, slightly overweight classmate sits next to her. Someone with one pimple crying over said pimple to you while you're standing there with your face full of acne. I'm not saying those people shouldn't complain at all, but you should still be considerate and watch out for who you're complaining to.

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  • I agree somewhat, because some people do it to try to be malicious and hurt those around them. But you have to realize that those are still valid things for them to be upset about. Like yeah, maybe they don't have it as bad as you, but it's not a competition. I was that overweight classmate that all the skinny girls complained about being fat around, and it didn't feel good, but I didn't cry over it. They weren't saying those things to hurt me. Pain is relative. If they put on a lot of weight over the winter, they're not wrong in saying they got fat just because they're not as fat as me.

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