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im in a communal type situation its supose to be a home for me and my children but its not a home its my junkie boyfreinds brothers place and i feel like a used piece of shit for my bf convenience i know hes lying about stuff but i cant being it up he tells me i got nothing and im just lying i have never felt safe and comfortable hes never assured security and has never been my freind hes always been distant made alot of excuses and lied on where and what he makes me out to be crazy so he can keep his good boy image since his mum and partner live on the same property i have no way out i have no income i have no family to help i have had suicidal thoughts i havent been able to pick myself up this time this hasnt been something anyone would be happy about im sick of feeling nothing and wasted being told i got nothing am nothing i dont have freinds to talk to as im quite private and like my alone time only when i need to be social i have no problem well atleast once apon a time i was this is only the tip of the ice berg i literally feel i have no future and my kids will have no mum 4 years ago i was seeing a much brighter picture and i knew who i was and still am i lived and learned and grew and i appreciated all i had been through but this time i dont think theres any saving me this time i dont think god is even here with me Anymore im slowly withering away theres nothing left of me.

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  • You will get out of this. Leave your so-called boyfriend and find someone who can actually love you and care for you and your kids.

  • I don't think it's God's fault. You have kids with some other guy, you date a junkie, you don't have a job. What did you expect to happen? This is all pretty predictable. Your best hope is your children. If they can turn out well, they will take care of you. That means making sure they DON'T make the same mistakes.

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