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i hate myself and yet i love myself. today has been the luckiest day i got free tickets to something i didn't have any homework. and i had a wonderful dinner i made. and at the end im depressed bc I've been wanting to talk to this girl all day and i feel like she's been avoiding me or not interested in me. its all because her ex is trying to come back and im pretty sure he sussed. i just want the truth i dont care if it hurts me as long as i dont have to suffer through it anymore worrying but yet i do bc i really care about her... and i feel . well idk anymore and it scares me i wish that things will work out between us and if it doesn't i just need to remember that my friends are next to me and if i dont have them then i have god

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  • thx but i found out today that its not going to workout

  • Just remember that some things are just meant to be (or not meant to be). Some things are out of your control, and that's okay. I hope this works out for you, but if it doesn't, just remember that maybe if you're not supposed to be with her, it's so you can leave your heart open for the girl you ARE supposed to be with.

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