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A weird thing I do is that I always look on the road when I'm not the driver of the car, as if I was the driver of the car. No matter which seat I'm in; if I'm in the back seat I always sit very uncomfortably to be able to look out of the front. I also don't take in the beauty of the landscape or sleep or read, not even on long rides. I started doing this when I was a kid, I always was afraid of car rides when my dad was driving because he took his eyes off the road so much (probably wasn't even that bad but as a kid I thought he was gonna kill us all if he looked elsewhere for a second) and in my child brain I thought I could compensate that if I looked at the road instead. It became both a habit and kind of a superstition, and I'm not sure if it's healthy.

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  • I look at the road, but I also just kinda look around. Especially in the backseat, I won't contort myself to see the road. Honestly fixating on the road like that does sound kind of unhealthy

  • i do the same while driving at night. its like im afraid if i take my eyes off the road somethings going to jump in front of the car. im also terrified of looking to the side while in a car at night on a road through the woods. i dont know what i think ill see but i know it wont be pleasant.

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