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Last week I was feeling really crappy and anxious at work. I wasn't pitching the things I need to as part of my sales metrics because I didn't want to be a bother to customers who probably hear the same scripts every time they call in. My metrics suffered, which made my anxiety and depression worse. Unless some easy sales fell in my lap, I wasn't getting anything. But my coach told me every member deserves to hear the benefits of whatever I can offer. That really helped me today. I pitched everything on nearly every call and no one's been rude about it. If I remember it's not just trying to meet my goals, it's trying to help other people benefit, that helps me want to offer it more.

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  • I can reassure you in that. As a costumer, I'm annoyed when salespeople go through their rehearsed sentences and you can feel that they just want to sell, but when they sound genuine and like they actually want to inform me about things that could be beneficial for me, I appreciate it a lot.

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