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I'm scared of relationships because my parents' relationship always made me feel unsafe. They argued about even smallest things - one of them first misinterpreted the other and got offended or angry, and then they both just refused to understand. It was constant, at least a few times every day. I was always on guard, fearing that a fight might break out at any time. I was also scared of expressing thoughts that conflicted theirs because I wanted to avoid possible conflicts. Now I'm scared that my own relationships will be like what I just described and that I'll never find someone I feel emotionally safe with.

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  • Same. I constantly use my parent's divorce to justify my celibacy and refusal to date others. I know things don't last anymore, not in this day and age. If a marriage, a "sacred bond" between two people can't even make it past a couple years, what makes me think a casual boyfriend/girlfriend will?

  • wow, that sounds terrible OP. You might consider therapy. You will need to develop skills to properly communicate in a relationship, cause clearly your parents will not be able to teach you any of them!

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