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Soo where to start.. I'm 18 years old and I will graduate soon. However there is one person from school that I can't get out of my head. It's a teacher I have. Sounds like a lame story, a girl that is in love with a teacher bla bla.. But I would not say that I'm hopelessly in love with this man, it's different. I'm very attracted to him, and now onto the interesting part, I do think, that he sort of has feelings for me too. It's very strange, because I don't want to interpret to much into it, I wanna see it from a neutral perspective, and maybe I'm all wrong. I don't know. So, I got this teacher for around 2 years now in class. I always was a pretty shy girl, someone that does not have much to do with the other students but still has her 3 good friends so I didn't participate that much in classes, wich also led to him not really knowing me that much at the beginning. He, by the way is a attractive, not too attractive (attractive for me, he's a pretty unique guy) , 28 year old man. He himself seems to be a more quiet person too, in a way that he has enough self-esteem to be a good teacher, but hes always quite quiet and does not scream to kids or anything like that. However, once when he spoke to me when we were alone, asking, why I don't like to talk so much in class, while my written texts are always so good. I tried to explain it to him, and he showed his understanding, and we then talked a bit about this, he asked about how he could help and stuff. It was a pretty intimate conversation, but still just in the sense from a teacher to a student. As time passed by, we have talked a bit some times, and during the lessons, I slowly started to feel nervous around him. As he stood in front of the class, he very often looked into my eyes for a long time, as I did too, and then we both looked away fastly, just too look in our eyes again a few seconds later. I found him even more attractive and charming day by day. It was strange to me, that he always looked at me, while I wasn't even raising my hand or showed participation in his lesson. He even favored me, in some ways, that even other students see that, and tell that to me, they also say that he looks at me quite often. (and I feel a bit uncomfortable then, because I don't want to be the person that gets favored by a teacher). However, I'm sure that he doesn't intents to do so. The connection between us grew stronger and stronger by day. And now it's like, we have strange eye connections, whenever we see us, he, in lessons very often comes to me and asks if he could take a look on what I'm doing, and asks if he could help me with anything. He also says, whenever I need help in his subject, he's always there to help. Wich is a bit strange for two reasons, 1. I'm pretty good in his subject, I have no problems with it, I just don't raise my hand that much, and he knows that, he knows that I'm good at it, and he also knows that im not too shy to ask if I have questions. I'm not that shy, I just hate the consepts of lessons where I always have to take part and stuff, idk. And 2. because he just sais that to me. There are other students, but he never goes to them, sits besides or in front of them for a long time and takes a look at what they're doing. He also never said to anybody else, that he/she can always come to him and ask questions. And again, he knows that I'm not that shy. And whenever he talks to me, his voice changes. It gets very soft, more quiet and sensitive. Very strange, since it doesn't change when he speaks to other people. Whenever we talk we look deeply in our eyes, and sometimes even forget to talk. Then we just smile for a bit and look in our eyes. I think that behavior is at least for a teacher student relation a bit strange. I remember once, when there was like only one laptop left to work, I stood up to get it, an other boy stood up to, was faster then me, and got this laptop, so I haven't had one, just because he sort of runned just to get it quicker then me. The teacher then said to this boy that to me, he should always be a gentle man, so he should give it to me. As he said the, he was quite aware that I heard it, and he looked to me in that strange cute look he always gives me. This is a stupid story but should just stand as an example of the many stories I always have with him. And God, I can't stop thinking about him and his beautiful eyes. But don't get me wrong, I've never seen this in a that childish way. I don't think that sth between us would work, I also don't think that he would make it happen. I don't think that he would ever really have sth with me, I guess he would always feel that it's wrong and that he's not in that position to do so. But I do think, just for the way he speaks to me (this is not sth you can explain that easy, so it might be hard to understand) and how he looks at me, wich is different to how he looks to other people, that he has some feelings for me, and I don't know how to deal with that, because soon he will be gone, because I will graduate and wount have him in lessons anymore. But I will really miss the conversations we were having aswell as his eyes and his way of saying things, and everything about us, but it would be way to strange from me to ask if we could stay in contact, because for me it would not be on a friendly basis, so it wouldn't work. But I'll miss him so much :( idk what to doooo :(

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  • No adult should be sexually or romantically interested in a teenager. You're at two very different life levels. If he is interested its best you pretend he's not. Any involvement would go terribly for both of you. I say as someone whose been there.

  • I'm currently in a situation like this as well with my teacher and, just like you, I try not to overanalyze it but I can't help but connect the dots and think that he has some kind of feelings for me. He'll often give me answers to tests that we can't use our notes for or he'll spend his breaks with me and we'll have an endless conversation on topics students and teachers really shouldn't. He's even mentioned multiple times that he likely shouldn't be this close to his students and he always makes an effort to ensure that I'm okay, that he's available as a confidant, and to separate me from the normal class when giving compliments. I wanted to ask him how he feels if I can do so subtly and have it related to our conversation rather than just bringing it up out of the blue. At the very least, you should ask your teacher his feelings about you to and ask how he'd feel about keeping in touch after you graduate. Just ensure he's not married or seeing anyone so it doesn't get too awkward. The worst that can happen is you putting your mind to rest with the truth once and for all.

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