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She said she didn't want to have kids because, "The are starving kids in Africa, and the world is overpopulated." So I've decided to find someone else. Placing someone else's offspring above your own doesn't make you a good person. It makes you a bad mom.

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  • I'm glad you ended that relationship. It was not going to work for either of you. It's not wrong to want kids of your own, and it is not wrong to NOT want kids of your own -- or any at all for that matter. But you need to drop the judgmental bullshit. Go on and live your own life, and let her live hers without saying she's "a bad mom" (which is quite frankly very stupid because she ISN'T a mom).

  • Kids suck ass anyways. She's doing you a massive favor and saving you a lot of money. The world is garbage, don't drag other souls into this mess. Mad selfish.

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