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I wish my mom would quit putting me down all the time. I feel like every thing I get excited about, every plan I have, every dream I want to make happen, she shoots them all down and tells me nothing will work, it's not worth it, it's not possible, etc. I'm just tired of her negativity. I'm tired of her making me feel discouraged and keeping me from wanting to even try. She's my mom, she's supposed to support me and lift me up, not criticize me and tear me down.

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  • If you go on reddit, try reading the subreddit "raised by narcissists" and see if you fit in the description. Then you may be able to talk to people there who will understand you, and maybe find a group for online help -- and maybe even some people who had to deal with the legal side of things who can give you a direction.

  • Maybe it's her idea of supporting you. Maybe she has failed so often in her past that she now thinks people can't expect anything from life, and constant failure taught her to fear hoping for too much because rejection is so painful. Maybe she subconsciously wants to spare you that pain by teaching you to not expect anything. It's definitely very wrong, but I think I've seen this type of behaviour in people before and it helped me to know (or at least assume) that they didn't hate me, they just expressed their love in a very bad manner.

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