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Yesterday the stress got to me. I yelled at my family and threw my jacket at the floor. Threatened to give up and leave. Work, car, school, extended family. It's all been to much. Strangest thing happened. As my wife and I were yelling my son calmly picked up my jacket and put it in the right place. Same with my shoes. He sat calmly until I was done and talked in a calm constructive manner. He was doing everything he could to deescalate the situation and he's only 6. He was talking about his classmate's parents getting a divorce earlier. He doesn't want that. This boy has some real emotional strength. This is a rare skill set. Calmness under pressure. Discretion. He's going to be a good man.

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  • Don't subject your kid to solving your problems for you. Speaking from experience, it is beyond stressful to deal with your parent's problems. If you can't control yourself, at the very least don't do it in front of the kid or where you know he could just pop up at without warning. He might seem calm but this kind of shit does irreversible trauma, especially for his young age.

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