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I think a lot of my problems with social interaction come down to my low self-esteem. The fear of speaking, difficulty to trust people, letting people push me around. I wonder how long it will take me to like myself. I've been going to therapy for, what, four years? But I haven't made much progress on self-esteem and I know I can't rely on my therapist forever. And I hear that the actual self-worth should come from me alone and can't be given by others so how much can I lean on my therapist anyway? But even when I try, I just feel so inferior. There are some awesome people that I admire and I keep feeling that I'm less than them because I'm nothing like them. I know that it's stupid to compare yourself to others, but this bothers me so much because I really wish to be friends with some of those people or people like them. I'm scared that they won't like me because I'm not like them and I don't have any cool skills like they do. I just want to have friends, but I know I shouldn't let that affect my self-image either. But I feel really lonely anyway.

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  • If your therapist hasn't helped after 4 years, it may be time to find a new therapist. Not every therapist is the same, and you might connect better with a different one. As for needing to find self worth on your own, yes, that's partially true, but people can help you realize it. You're part of the way there, knowing you shouldn't compare yourself to others. It's okay to let people motivate you to do better or inspire you; Michael Jackson said 'study the greats to become greater.' If someone is better than you at something, consider it an opportunity to learn from them rather than getting yourself down about not being at that level. People won't like you less because of your skills or talents or lack thereof. People will like you for your personality. Your worth is not based on what you can do; it's based on who you are. And friends- real friends- will love you for that; regardless of how you see yourself.

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