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I cannot have any guy friends anymore. Every time I try and I make it clear that we are just platonic friends they are find with it but still try to do sexual acts with me. I dont dress provocative, I dont flirt with them and yet they still want me. I understand every guy is going to think about it with any woman they met, that's fine keep it in your head and jack it later but stop killing friendships with me. I hate being friends with women, men are funny and joke a lot and it's fun to hang out with them but every guy I'm nice to and just want to be friends with just want more. Im single and the only guy I am willing to date is busy but im willing to wait for, and im holding true to my word but I cant have any friends in the meantime? It sucks but guess i'll stay all alone.

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  • Its really frustrating to trust someone only to find out they've been your 'friend' just to get their dick wet. I just want to play coop and occasionally get together for homemade pizza. Not to suck a dick just because someone was 'nice' to me and I 'owe' them.

  • Gotta admit this is a pretty alpha problem to have. You're smart to be picky. Hope you pick a good one.

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