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I fucked up. I'm a trainee, and sometimes we have school days where we don't have to go to work, but just go to school for a day (which starts much later than work). I thought today was a school day because it says so in our calendar, but on our last day there we were told that it had been rescheduled - the thing just is that I forgot about that. I just realized when I was sitting in the empty classroom for a while. Now I seriously have no idea what to do. I can either go to work, which would not only be quite embarrassing, but also means that all my overtime hours get cancelled, but I NEED those hours. Or I could go home and hope that nobody will ever find out; which is likely to happen because I don't see how they would, unless my teacher suddenly gets the idea of calling work to ask whether I'm there, which never happened before. But of course, if they did find out, I'd get fired.

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  • Just go in and tell them you made a mistake. You're only human. The calendar said it was a class day, and you forgot they changed it. It happens. One time in college I completely forgot to go to a class and went straight to the next one and didn't realize I was early until almost an hour had gone by and the class was almost over. Mistakes happen. It's better to be upfront and honest than try to sneak around and hope they don't find out.

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