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Got caught doing homework at work. Boss is pissed at me. Wouldn't be so embarrassing except that I'm in my 30s. Fml

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  • be more discreet. don't be embarrassed. fuck your boss and your job ( I mean, like I know u need to money but really you don't love this job) I'm in my 20s, I get caught studying at work. why? cause I'm working on getting a BETTER JOB as I'm sure you are. you want more out of life, not everyone does. this is threatening for some people. respect your boss enough to hide it, don't stop studying at work though. This world is changing fast, do everything you can to succeed, to keep changing and GROWING at any age. Especially those beyond young adulthood. do away with the idea that learning and growing is over at a particular age, in the new economy it is ongoing.

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