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How to deal with a short fused spouse? He’s so angry all the time and gets upset over the littlest things, it’s draining. He has diagnosed depression and bipolar disorder and I’ve used every drop of strength to be there for him. I don’t like giving up on people and I don’t want to but I feel stuck.

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  • One big thing is inputs. Everything from music to TV can make it worse (politics in particular.) The important thing is not responding with anger. That makes it worse. You gotta calm him down by assuring him you are on the same side and everything will be alright. That's how I helped my wife. Of course I also read a lot about hypnosis and influence to learn techniques. It's kind of a hobby, but it helped the relationship.

  • Consider proposing a couple's counselor/therapist. To help you guys work on your communication with each other, so it's not attacking him. My dad is also bipolar/depressed; my mom tried everything, but ultimately, it ended up not working out. She left him about a year ago. The thing is, if you try your best to help someone and be there for them, that's all you can do. But if they're still negatively impacting your life, you have to let them go. You have to think of your own wellbeing, too. Don't sacrifice yourself trying to save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

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