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I am planning on faking a concussion just for attention cause I don't get any.

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  • there are better, healthier ways to get attention boo boo dont do that to people and dont stoop so low that u feel the need to do that

  • Doctors and nurses already have too much to do. In my country, deadly sick people have to sleep on the hospital floor because there aren't enough beds. I live in one of the richest countries on earth. The ones who get beds get sent home to die because there aren't enough nurses to care for them. In another country there was a woman dying from something preventable just a few days ago after having to wait in the ER for 26 hrs or so, because there were too many people there; which wouldn't sound half as bad as it does if I didn't know a nurse personally who tells me that half of the people going to the hospital for urgent care are people with a paper cut or light cold who didn't want to wait another day to visit their own doctor. When my boyfriend had a seizure a few years ago, we waited an hour for the emergency vehicle and were told that it often happens that people have to wait so long because there are too many calls and not enough workers to respond. So that's what you're doing when you fake a serious illness. You risk that another person with a real issue dies. But go ahead and get your attention.

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