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My brother and I are both mutual friends with this guy. It's pretty common for the three of us to hang out together. Both my brother and my friend are great guys. I wouldn't classify either one of them as shallow or only out for sex, but girls do come up when we get together. While I find it flattering that they're willing to discuss girls in front of me (a girl), these discussions have been a killer on my self-esteem. I never fall into what their definition of attractive is. It's not that I want to be found attractive by either my brother or my friend; but if these two relatively normal nice guys don't like girls like me, it makes me feel like I'm going to have to take whoever pops up in order for anyone to want me regardless of whether or not they are nice, honest, or treat me well.

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  • friends usually are not sexually attracted to each other,if it may ound common cause we see like 1000 of posts about it online but there are 100000000000000000000 of guy/girl friends.dont judge yourself about your friends standarts,nor your brother as a matter of fact.

  • Or maybe they just wouldn't talk about you in front of you like that? Or even hint at it? Either way, obviously your brother's likes won't match you, that's normal. And the friend might not want to offend 2 siblings by talking about your tits.

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