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I don't know what bullcrap is going on at my kid's school but I think it has something to do with race. It's a biracial situation. My wife is Philippine/Chinese and I'm German/Brit. I volunteered at my son's school and one of his classmates was shocked when I said I was "X's dad." That's normal right? We went to Philippines and people asked her "Who is the White kid you are babysitting?" I didn't think anything of it. Now he's asking if his mother had a first husband or if he is adopted. When I tell him old stories from our ancestors I keep having to explain to him we have the same ancestors. He is my blood son. I can't help but feel a little insulted. The teacher is some weird clown haired woman who thinks race wars and gay sex is appropriate subjects for first graders. She has a weird political obsession with race and she knows Jack shit about it. Taught my son that "Brown" people couldn't go to school with Whites. Likely referring to him. Utter bullshit. Asians, Latinos, and Natives did not get separate schools during segregation. Not that ANY of his ancestors even lived in the US at the time. I don't know what to do here. Maybe I'm taking this too personal. Side note: There is no such race as Brown, and calling an Asian that is 10x more insulting then calling him a yellow man.

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  • There were forms of segregation for other minorities during the time of the civil rights movement. It depended on the area you lived in and how accepting they were. But there were lawsuits pertaining to housing, schools, voting rights, etc.

  • How much have you talked to the teacher? I would make a list of your main concerns, email her, and set up a meeting with her before going to her supervisors. She'll have time to think of responses and address your concerns. Kids that age are young and easily confused about complicated subjects, sometimes they make their own conclusions and run with it. She probably doesn't know that there is a problem or doesn't have a lot experience talking about race.

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