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I feel so stupid because of this but I always feel watched. At home, in the woods, in the streets, I feel like there might be hidden cameras everywhere because of what I've heard of mass surveillance in countries like US and Germany. I know how foolish this sounds! But I don't know how I can stop worrying.

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  • I used to feel that way whenever I was in the kitchen of my old house. I moved and the feeling went away. Maybe there’s s bad energy you’re sensing

  • It is stupid, because you aren't that interesting and there aren't enough employees to track all those cameras. The way surveillance works is that they try and get you on a monitored site that Jihadis, KKK, or Antifa use. Then when they spot a sucker they get a judge to approve a warrant. They track searches from your IP to see if anything interesting words come up like "How to make a bomb." If so, then they observe closer. See if you are contacting bad agents, and might set up a sting by pretending to be one of your group. Other that data collection is anonymous and use to track buyer patterns on websites to sell that data to data scientists at corporations to make more effective advertising. Honestly, that's creepier than it sounds. Ads are basically brainwashing now.

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