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This is more of a "today I f****d up" kind of thing, though it happened yesterday. My wife and I were at the pool, loads of people around. At one point I let my mind wander, and so did my eyes. Apparently I was "staring" at some woman's bottoms and my wife got mad. The thing is I was really zoned out, I wasn't even looking at whoever was there. *sigh*

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  • Just say you just looking at twinglobes, it's nothing special.

  • I do the same thing sometimes... just space out, not really looking at anything, but it looks like I'm staring intently. Your wife is the one with a problem if she really got upset over that- it shows that she's insecure and afraid you'll leave her for someone 'better'. Any normal, healthy person should be able to handle their partner looking at someone. It's just looking.

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