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my mom is constantly on my case about my weight and money i'm spending. i'm oneof the most tight wad people in my life and yet every time I buy something, it's "you're wasting ur money again?" "why would u spend on that" "you're supposed to be saving" meanwhile she owes me 10k and my dad is an addict so they spend on much stupider things. then the weight thing. telling me I need to lose weight. stop eating junk food, i'm gonna get fat, etc. but then I join a gym this week and she went on for 20mins about why I would join a gym, i'm busy enough as it is, I don't have time to waste my money on a gym. oh my fuck like shut up. nothing I ever do is right.

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  • omg we must be siblings cause that sounds just like my mom! ( aside from her owing me 10k)

  • She's focusing on you to avoid focusing on herself and her own issues. I'm sure berating you makes her feel better about herself. Sucks to be in that situation. Hope you break free of that environment asap.

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