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i dont need therapy but i've always been curious about therapists. when a therapist needs therapy themselves would they just refuse to go to one since they already know and can predict the ins and outs of the session? do they come home with an emotional baggage of their clients? how do they deal with it? do they get emotionally attached to their patients? do they learn how to emotionally shield themselves between them and their clients so they won't risk of crying? do they have the urge to cry in sessions? and yeah i get the whole thing of 'professionalsm' and the idea of barricading work and life but if you look at it at a more personal and human aspect it must've taken a toll to their mental health, its kind of ironic. and to think they go by with this on a daily basis like, im just amazed by them and i dont think we give them enough credit

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  • EVERY therapist needs therapy. Mark my words, NO ONE goes into that field unless they have an issue of their own. See Niles Crane on Frasier? That's basically the entire Psych section at my college. My buddy is training to be a therapist. Massive PTSD from surviving a school shooting in Pakistan. Great guy, he will totally help you, but he needs therapy too.

  • My therapist has a therapist. Much like how my doctor has a doctor. I've also made my therapist cry so I don't think the other commenters idea of clients being abstract problems is necessarily true for all. It depends on what kind of approach that particular therapist takes. They're all different.

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