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i think I'm Polyamorous, but that scares me. I want the attention and love of more then one person, and I want to give that love too, but it's scary too. Only one person I know is into that, but we aren't interested in eachother, as well as I'm still a minor in a strict, religious household. There's no room to explore anything. My mom already thinks the polyamorous prospect is disgusting.... how would she react to her daughter being one?

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  • Hey, I'm polyamorous, ignore that guy who commented first. I'm currently dating someone who has a boyfriend and we all know/are cool with it. It's not a big deal. And we all love each other, even though I'm not really dating her bf. And it's not 'all about the sex' because we're not even having sex. I know how scary it is to have parents that won't accept you. I'm also bisexual, and I'm out to almost everyone except my family because I don't want them to bother me about it. Ultimately, this is YOUR life, not theirs. Live the way you want to. If you love several people, love several people. Your family doesn't have to know, and if they do, fuck em. Their opinions don't matter.

  • I ran into so many self-proclaimed polys when I toured with bands. It's just the title men who want to fuck everyone give themselves. There is no "love" in it. No loyalty. In the end they are left with no lovers at all. Alone with no attention from anyone because all you offer at that point is sex and as you get older you get less takers. The problem with religious people is they are great at setting up rules, but horrible at explaining WHY the rules work. What is the fence gaurding against? If they want you to go ask Alice, I'll be your Alice. I've seen it all first hand.

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