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I'm surprised to say this, but I enjoy working at Walmart more than a call center. With the call center, it made my anxiety and depression spike. There was too much pressure to sell products and keep your handle time low. But if customers won't take what I'm pitching and they won't get off the phone, that's not my fault. Plus the entitled, angry douchebags made me not want to come back in the next day. I was miserable, I thought it was my fault for not having the money to go to a doctor for medicine or therapy. But since I've been out of there, my anxiety and depression hasn't spiked. I also thought my period was making my anxiety and depression worse, but I've had my period while working at Wal-Mart and my mood barely changed. I love the Walmart I work at. The atmosphere is very relaxed for a Walmart, the customers are nice, the managers and co-workers are nice. The one downside to working there is my feet are killing me. Once I get some better work shoes and maybe Dr Scholls inserts, hopefully it won't hurt so much. But I'd much rather have achey, callused feet than a mini mental breakdown every couple of months. I know that when the holidays and Black Friday get here, I'm probably going to stress then. But by then, I'll have 7 or 8 months experience and advice from coworkers on how to get through it. I just want to do well there and maybe turn it into a career one day.

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  • Glad you got out of a bad situation.

  • People shit on Walmart but I had very few bad experiences while working there.

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