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Writing this to vent, because I can't in reallife, please read this wot. My gf has and/or had schizophrenia. According to her, intrusive voices that reinforce selfdoubt in her have become rare and basically nonexistant, but it was a real problem when she was younger. I rarely talk to her about it, she doesn't like it and it, I confess, pains me to see her getting as pale as a corpse with an expression of eldritch terror on her face, when she speaks about the whole deal, expressing her fear that the whole shit will come back one day...and I can't, for fucks sake, relate...my only experience with that was a time where I smoked way too much weed with my friends and their voices kept lingering in my thoughts after they went home, which was kinda spooky and unpleasant, but gone with the dawn as I woke up the next morning...I mean, I already tend to worry to much, but this whole ordeal just keeps me awake at night. She is so sweet, smart, utterly perfect for me, and I love her, it psychologically and physically hurts to know that she has or at least had to carry such a burden. I hope the fact that the intrusive voices got better/stopped as she got older and through regular visits to the psychologist shows that it just was a young minds interpretation of selfdoubt, yet, being mentally broken myself - yet differently, I know that this hope is in vain.

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  • I heard it does got better, and you are older and able to get a grasp of it, this illness is more under control.

  • Having a mental disorder doesn't make somebody broken or unlovable. There is treatment available even if the voices do come back. Don't spend every moment of the present mourning the past; it's okay to have sympathy that she went through such an ordeal, but there's no point in constantly pitying her, and that probably makes her feel guilty too. Don't treat her like she's broken. Reinforce the good in her and make her feel loved.

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