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to the people who think that a girl must not have actually been sexually assaulted 'because if she had, she would of ____" are part of the reason why there is no justice and now everyone thinks that all guys are victims of false accusation claims. yes, there are some false accusations, I won't pretend it doesn't happen. but you don't know what kind of emotional trauma sexual assault can produce, you don't know how you would react until it happens. sure before it happened to me I used to think 'why wouldn't they have reported it right away?' 'why not get a rape kit' 'there's no way someone who was sexually assaulted who would still be around their aggressor after it happened'. but these are just not true. the truth, is that everyone reacts and feels differently about the situation, everyone's aggressor meant something different to them. in my case it was someone I cared about and was very close to. sometimes I think it would of been easier to report if it had been a stranger, but realistically there are so many women who don't report those either, so maybe not. now in my case, i'm still friends with the guy who did it... yes I see him on a regular basis and we still hangout. sounds like i'm making it up now doesn't it? I know what it looks like and that's a huge reason why I can never report it. him and his gf at the time when it happened, made me feel as if it never happened, that I made it all up. and yet I know it happened, because it wasn't just once. and I also know he used to rape his gf as well, but they were dating it isn't rape, right? she stayed with him for almost 2 years and if I had to guess probably got sexually assaulted at least 50 times. because she never said no. because she would be half asleep or drunk and she couldn't. is that a normal response? to stay with someone for so long. then when it happens to another girl, you still take his side and make her feel worthless? no, not really. to a court that would look like BS. but when u care about someone, when they manipulate you into thinking he did nothing wrong and no one would believe you. you do some weird stuff. so don't judge someone because u may never know what really happened, only they do and their potential aggressor. that's why rape and sexual assault is so hard to convict. because it's intimate, often no witnesses. it's all he said she said unless a rape kit is performed within the time frame. but unless there are sure signs of force or semen, it won't work and with certain sexual assaults, force isnt always obvious. nor do all aggressors ejaculate. so as I said. you may never know what happened, so just cuz it sounds unreal, doesn't mean it is

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  • My wife was talking about this recently. About how women tend not to report it due to the humiliation factor. It makes sense to me as a man, because I know if I was raped by some ugly Fucker I would NOT want to let people know. It's humiliating. That's why I'm fine with the death penalty for proven rapists. This is a core tenant of civilization itself. Not allowing rape is what separates humans from animals.

  • I understand that you may be scared, but please try to will yourself to report him. If not for your own sake, please consider that the guy is probably dangerous to other people around him. (That's what I think of when I have trouble doing things, anyway.)

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