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I took a long nap today and had a dream where there were two dogs. A big white fluffy dog and an equally big dark brown or black dog sitting next to each other. I walked towards them. The white dog sat there and just watched me. The dark dog jumped on me and knocked me over, licking me. I knew it was playing and just wanted love but it scared me. I tried yelling "no" when it jumped on me. I tried yelling for help when I was knocked over and couldn't get away, but I could barely get words out. It scared me so much I could feel my heart pounding. I knew it was a dream so I forced myself to wake up and get out of there. I'm not normally scared of dogs in real life. I'm trying to google what the dream means but the answers aren't specific enough to answer what it means when the dog was playing but I was still scared. It wasn't growling or biting, but "aggressive dog" is the closest result I'm getting.

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  • Light and dark dogs reminds me of the old native American story about the 2 wolves. 1 good and one evil in a battle. The one you feed wins. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by darkness in your life? Succumbing to it's sheer overwhelming size? Unable to break free because you are held down by it?

  • It could be your subconscious telling you to embrace your femininity (black represents night, peace, cool, feminine, etc. the whole yin yang thing) and not be afraid of it. Dogs tend to represent different things, usually loyalty, protection, defense, or friendliness. Perhaps the light/dark contrast is just telling you to embrace the 'dark' parts of yourself, the parts you don't like. It might also be telling you to be more trusting of women/a woman in your life.

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