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I got three Whisper app and within 15 minutes a 23 year old guy asked me to do that stuff with him. I ended up sending him pics and eventually blocked him. This happened within 6 hours. I'm 16. He said it would be our little secret, but I'm too scared to lose my virginity and so I blocked him.

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  • I don't think that's the best way to find a quality dude. I used to use that app. It's mainly full of pickup artists. Not the type I'd want to lose my virginity to.

  • First: sending pictures doesn't make you lose your virginity. You lose your virginity when you have sex. Second: You shouldn't have sent him pictures. It doesn't matter that you blocked him, he still has those pictures. You shouldn't be taking those kinds of pictures at all, even having them on your own phone is a crime because you're a minor. Third: stop interacting with people like that.

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